R.L. Stine Is Working on a Creepy New Line of Graphic Novels

R.L. Stine attending the premiere of the Goosebumps movie in New York, circa 2015.
R.L. Stine attending the premiere of the Goosebumps movie in New York, circa 2015.
Photo: Slaven Vlasic / Stringer (Getty Images)

R.L. Stine, the master of ghoulish, goosebump-inducing kid’s horror, is making a welcome return to comics after his debut last year with the weird and sinister Man-Thing for Marvel. This time around, it’ll be a whole new series of spooky happenings, as part of a wide-sweeping new deal he has with Boom Studios.


In a deal announced today, Stine will pen four original graphic novels for the publisher in a new series aimed at young teens, all with a supernatural horror theme (because of course they are!). Details about the plot of each book are scarce at the moment, but the four graphic novels (not to be confused with IDW’s Goosebumps series) will be released through Boom’s kid-focused imprint KaBoom, with the first hitting shelves in fall 2019—so there’s plenty of time to learn more.

Stine’s take on Man-Thing for his comics debut ended up leaning less into typical horror and being more humorously quirky and weird than you might expect from the master of kid’s macabre, so it’ll be interesting to see his approach to these middle-grade level books. Still, it’s nice to see the beloved author getting the chance to spook an entire new generation of kids in the process.

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I’m looking forward to this somehow. Which is strange, because RL Stine is decidedly not a master of horror. His writing was pedestrian even by kid book standards. And I remember lots of gendered bs.