Illustration for article titled R.I.P. Roger Ebert, The Man Who Made Millions Fall in Love with Movies

Roger Ebert, the film critic with the legendary thumb has died. He passed away in Chicago at the age of 70.


Ebert's work in the Chicago Sun-Times and on television elevated the level of movie discourse for over 40 years. He basically wrote the rules for the modern day critic. A lifelong devourer of science fiction (starting his own fanzine Stymie) Ebert was tough on his beloved genre. And his praise and beatdowns only opened this world for larger discussions, and bigger ideas on the art of film.

We can only hope Ebert is somewhere debating movies in the great At The Movies in the sky. Check out this amazing clip of him defending Star Wars with Gene Siskel:

If you have videos or favorite reviews from Ebert please post them in the comments so we can all remember.


Top Image from the Chicago Sun Times.

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