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If you watch a lot of British science fiction from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, you'll notice the same faces (and voices) turning up again and again, almost as if SF TV and movies were a repertory company. And few other actors were as indispensible, among that crew, as Philip Madoc, whose deep voice and dark eyes turned up on countless shows. Madoc died today, aged 77.

Chances are, you'll remember at least one of Madoc's roles from Doctor Who — he was Solon, the obsessed mad scientist in "The Brain of Morbius," who tries to decapitate Tom Baker's Doctor. He also played Eelek, the awful demogogue, in "The Krotons." And he's the War Lord in "The War Games," Patrick Troughton's last story, complete with weird hypno-glasses and extra-sinister purr. Finally, he also played a more sympathetic character in "The Power of Kroll." Plus he plays the unscrupulous smuggler in the movie Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.


But Madoc's MVP status extended far beyond Doctor Who. He played five different roles in The Avengers, throughout the 1960s. He also plays Max, the corrupt and fanatical leader of a settlement in the original post-apocalyptic series The Survivors. In Space: 1999, he's Anton Gorski, the original commander of Moonbase Alpha who helped to cover up what was really going on there. And he also had a recurring role in Gerry Anderson's UFO, and a supporting role in Anderson's Journey to the Far Side of the Sun.

He also had a supporting role in Dr. Jeykyll and Sister Hyde, and appeared in one episode of The Champions.


All in all, Madoc made a huge contribution to some of our favorite science fiction universes — and especially, played some of our favorite villains. He'll be greatly missed. [via Wales Online]

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