R.I.P. Charlton Heston

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If you hadn't heard the news by now, Charlton Heston passed away Saturday night at the grand old age of 84. His broad-shouldered, square-jawed, teeth-gritting acting style launched historical characters from Moses to Judah Ben-Hur, but we were more fixated on his body of science fiction work, which was considerable as you can see from our breakdown. Hopefully people around the world will be shouting "Get your stinking paws off me!" or "Soylent Green is people!" as a sign of mourning.

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@extracrispy: "The Ten Commandments" was a pretty bizzare story, no doubt. And the special effects were top-o-the-line for the day! My favorite drinking game involves watching this and doing a shot whenever anyone says the word "bondage". Try it this weekend in his honor. R.I.P. Chuck(*hic)!