Quite Possibly the Most Revolting Severed Penis Scene Ever Filmed [NSFW]

Piranha 3D had one of the greatest severed penis scenes in science fiction movie history — so how does the sequel, Piranha 3DD, follow that? With something so horrible and wrong, you may require several years of therapy after watching the above video. It's NSFW!


Seriously. Years of therapy. Or possibly just watching a hundred cat videos to clear the nastiness out of your brain.


So in Piranha 3DD, there's a water park this time, and the piranhas are evolving — by the end of the film, they can sort of walk on dry land, setting up the inevitable Piranha 3DDD. The video above features Shelby, who goes in the water early on, and starts feeling sort of weird and nauseous afterwards. Eventually, she decides she might be dying — but she doesn't want to die a virgin. Which is why she gets together with the totally gross Josh, who won't stop when she says it feels wrong and he should stop. You can see what happens next for yourself, in the above video — it's so over the top and insane, it almost beats a zombie rat and a zombie penis fighting in Beyond Re-animator. I think what makes it so ridiculous is that it combines Alien-style pregnancy horror with vagina dentatas, monsters and very sharp knives.

The best part of Piranha 3DD, though, might be the ending, where David Hasselhoff shows up playing himself in a gleefully self-mocking cameo. "Welcome to rock bottom," he tells himself as he shows up at the opening day of the doomed water park, to cash in on the Baywatch lifeguard thing. And then the younger generation doesn't even recognize him and thinks he's a real lifeguard. Poor Hoff.

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Speaking as a member of the male gender, I think it's safe to assume that no man I know would willingly do that.