Barbarian Queen is a lovely movie in its own right, but Barbarian Queen 2: The Empress Strikes Back is superior in many respects. Just check out this sequence where the eponymous barbarian queen duels with the main villain to the death. And meanwhile, the sorcerous Princess Tamis meets her fate at the hands of her own father.

The saga of Princess Tamis is really what elevates Barbarian Queen 2 above the the rest. She starts out as just a sort of creepy girl, who says disturbing things in a sing-song voice. Like when Baldy McEvil is torturing the Barbarian Queen, Tamis comes in and keeps saying creeptastic things like, "That looks wonderfully uncomfortable. Is it terribly uncomfortable?" And: "She used to talk all the time. Why isn't she talking to us?"

But then Tamis finds her mom's old necklace and does a weird ritual that transforms her into a beautiful, voluptuous woman with huge, permed hair. She hopes this will enable her to seduce Aurion, the Barbarian Queen's boyfriend. But he rejects her, so she goes running back to her daddy — who doesn't recognize the newly glamtastic version of Tamis, and thus runs her through.

Mostly, though, this movie is distinguished by the amazing acting, which you can see in abundance above. It's lines like, "You'll be dust in your grave before they write my tombstone," delivered with gusto, that really set this apart.

Here's a NSFW trailer for this Roger Corman classic: