Quite Possibly the Cutest (Accurate) Dinosaur Illustration Ever

Science artist Emily Willoughby specializes in birds and their feathery ancestors among dinosaurs. And in this illustration, "The Rains of Rogling," is possibly the cutest scientifically accurate rendition of a dinosaur I've ever seen. It probably helps that this is a picture of a baby, and (yes) it's covered in down. It's like the Cretaceous version of a kitten.

Writes Willoughby:

Here is my rendition of the purported baby megalosauroid, Sciurumimus, perched on a rock by the Bavarian sea as it waits patiently for its mother to return to it. Two pterodactylid pterosaurs comb the beach in the background. From the late Jurassic Rögling Formation of Germany, ~150 mya.


You can see more of Willoughby's incredible work on her site.

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