Quite possibly the best human vs. robot competition in history

Last month saw the debut of R2B2, a button-mashing robot that can unlock a phone in hours, just by randomly pushing buttons. But the real question is, can this little pin-typing hacker robot beat a human hacker?


R2B2 was invented by a team of security engineers at io9 pals iSEC Partners — and iSEC security engineer Rachel Engel wanted to show it still wasn't as good as a human. After all, as you can see in this deeply serious video, she has been "competitive pin typing from a young age." This is human-versus-machine as you've never seen it before. And you'll be holding your breath all the way to the triumphant conclusion! Pin typing was never so glorious!

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Corpore Metal

Okay, I must confess huge ignorance here. This is about cracking a phone user's password or is it about cracking some other security related PIN number unrelated to the user password?

Someone please explain to me what's really being cracked here.