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Quite Possibly the Best "Earthling Teaches Alien Babes About Sex" Moment Ever [NSFW]

Back in the day, every science fiction movie or show had to have a scene where the Earthman teaches the aliens/future people how to have sex. Captain Kirk did it. So did Woody Allen. (Warning: This clip is definitely NSFW!)

Illustration for article titled Quite Possibly the Best Earthling Teaches Alien Babes About Sex Moment Ever [NSFW]

But few of them come close to this incredibly bizarre sequence from the 1978 Turkish movie Fehmi the Astronaut, in which a guy (who I'm guessing is Fehmi) is recruited to have sex with a hot alien babe. The only trouble? The aliens have sex by attaching toilet plungers and tubes to their crotches. And there's a bucket. Fehmi will have none of that, so he convinces the aliens to have sex his way — which involves Fehmi wearing his spacesuit while the aliens are naked, for some reason.


Fehmi the Astronaut is chock full of brilliant scenes, including an erotic dance to "The Hustle" by Van McCoy. It's pretty much a must-watch, even if you speak no Turkish.

Does anybody speak Turkish? I would love a full translation of this incredible scene. [Thanks Lorena and Gregor!]


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