Quiet illustrations of Serenity and Planet Express Headquarters will fill you with nostalgia for places that don't exist

Tim Doyle's UnReal Estate series of illustrations examines places (sometimes mobile places) from pop culture through the lens of nostalgia. He draws each subject as if it were a real place, a place filled with memories, and perhaps even a place he misses.

Doyle's first UnReal Estate series took us all over the city of Springfield, with trips to Sesame Street, Strickland Propane, and the Bluth Banana Stand. This second series, which is currently showing at Spoke Art in San Francisco (although, sadly, nearly all of the prints from the show have sold out), takes us to more science fictional destinations, with moments set in the worlds of Firefly, Futurama, and Doctor Who.


Head over to Spoke Art to see more pieces from the series, and check out The Stuff for the illustrations from Doyle's first series.

UnReal Estate II [Spoke Art via Xombie DIRGE]


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