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Quick: Which is more terror-inducing, aliens or zombies?

Illustration for article titled Quick: Which is more terror-inducing, aliens or zombies?

Yesterday's release of Dead Space 3, a co-op game about a once-reluctant hero now ready to kick ass all over a hostile frozen planet in the name of saving humanity (and his hot friend Ellie), spawned a debate about which would cause more terror: aliens or zombies. The hero, Isaac has to face not only a squadron of Necromorphs, including easily-startled, nearly blind, zombie-like Feeders, and Fodders, who look like your standard, regular ice-pick-wielding humans but are in fact tentacle-intestined demons, but strange, new enemies like the giant snowbeast (essentially a terrifying orifice attached to a set of eight deadly legs).


So, which terrifies you more: aliens that posses unknown powers and weaponry unimaginable by the human race, or good old-fashioned face-munching zombies? The comments are yours, so cast your vote.

Dead Space 3 is out now. Go here to find out more about the game and to order away.


Illustration by Ramóna Udvardi, Studio@Gawker.

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Lil BauHaus

There have been a whole host of pleasant, relatively non-threatening aliens in film: ET, Alf, Stitch, Close Encounters, that old man with the cat from MIB. Can the same be said for zombies? Seth Green in Idle Hands, maybe?