Quentin Tarantino Is Making A Django Unchained/Zorro Crossover Comic

Illustration for article titled Quentin Tarantino Is Making A emDjango Unchained/em/emZorro/em Crossover Comic

We hoped that Quentin Tarantino's avenging ex-slave Django would ride again, but we never expected that he'd team up with another pop culture character. Tarantino is collaborating on a comic where Django meets up with the famed vigilante Zorro.


Dynamite Entertainment announced that it's teaming up with DC Comics to bring the Django/Zorro comic to life, and Tarantino himself will be developing the plot alongside Grendel creator Matt Wagner. There's no word yet on what kind of story they have planned or who the artist will be.

A Django comic could be fun (and, we imagine, bloody), especially with Tarantino involved. But why pair him with another famous character for his first post-Django Unchained adventure? Of course, maybe Tarantino wanted a chance to play with Zorro as well as his own characters.


Quentin Tarantino To Co-Plot Django/Zorro Crossover With Matt Wagner [ComicsAlliance]

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For some reason I never really equated Zorro with the same time period as Django...but, after looking up some stuff about Zorro...well, I guess it kinda makes sense (I couldn't find anything saying the time period that Zorro is meant to be in, but the implication seems to be that it's somewhat similar to that of Django).

Still...many worse crossovers have been done, and this could be truly epic/entertaining.

Though I agree that a comic focusing purely on Django and his wife would be much better...