Quasi-realistic Adventure Time portraits are kind of terrifying

Adventure Time is filled with whimsical ideas about its characters: people made out of candy, superstretchy bipedal dogs, and vampires running around everywhere. But how might those characters look in a dimension closer to the real world?

Aldo Katayanagi created these portraits, retaining the body shapes of the Adventure Time characters while adding just a dash of realism to them. Princess Bubblegum is particularly inspired; it looks as though her sticky, sugary exterior is constantly getting tugged on, leaving behind an airy, almost furry film, like cotton candy. Jake is wonderfully creepy as a Pug with oversized eyes, although keeping Finn's proportions makes him look like an entirely different character. (Maybe it's just too freaky seeing him with a nose.) But Katayanagi's series certainly proves one thing: Marceline will look fantastic no matter what.


Katayanagi has plenty of whimsical ideas of his own, including an eldritch horror combing a young boy's hair, the robotic beneficiary of a glorious knitting project, and a crew of bird-headed dogwalkers whose charges threaten to float away.

Adventure Time [Aldo Katayanagi]


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