Great news for stateside fans of Ken MacLeod. His latest novel, The Restoration Game (Orbit UK), will be available from smartypants publisher Pyr Books in the United States in fall 2011 - and Pyr publisher Lou Anders says the cover will be designed by award-winner Stephen Martinere. The Restoration Game is a videogame espionage novel where MacLeod deftly mixes Eastern European intrigue with underground gamer culture to create a terrific political thriller.

MacLeod is one of io9's chief muses, and his work is a big reason I fell in love with science fiction again after many years away from it. So we're happy to hear that his latest book will be in US bookstores. In the meantime, Orb Books has recently released MacLeod's Fall Revolution series as a handsome two volume set (Fractions and Divisions), so you can snap that up my fellow Yankees!

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