Put This $1,200 Jurassic Park Velociraptor Head in Your Front Hall to Greet, Terrify Guests

Image: Chronicle Collectibles
Image: Chronicle Collectibles

It may not be scientifically accurate. It may be stupidly expensive. It may even only be available for preorder right now. But I can’t think of any way I’d rather greet my guests than with the face of the best characters the Jurassic Park franchise ever turned out. I want two, so people have to walk between them.


Available for preorder, Chronicle Collectibles’ “Jurassic Park 1:1 Velociraptor Bust” is actually a perfect replica of the ones used in Jurassic Park:

This full size 1:1 Velociraptor Bust features the “Clever Girl” Raptor from Jurassic Park. She is molded and cast directly from a Stan Winston Studios casting of the full 1:1 Velociraptor. The bust stands roughly 30” tall and spans 28” from the back of her head to the front of her jaws, making this one of the larger pieces offered by Chronicle Collectibles.

I love her. I would pet her every day and give her a name.

Anyway, if you have about $1,200 to burn and a love of Jurassic Park’s velociraptors as deep as mine, you can preorder one of these busts now. They even offer installment plans!

[Chronicle Collectibles via Slashfilm]

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Wait, where’s the rest of her body?! (Got to see an actual movie prop at a dinosaur-themed event at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.)