Image: Chronicle Collectibles

It may not be scientifically accurate. It may be stupidly expensive. It may even only be available for preorder right now. But I canā€™t think of any way Iā€™d rather greet my guests than with the face of the best characters the Jurassic Park franchise ever turned out. I want two, so people have to walk between them.

Available for preorder, Chronicle Collectiblesā€™ ā€œJurassic Park 1:1 Velociraptor Bustā€ is actually a perfect replica of the ones used in Jurassic Park:

This full size 1:1 Velociraptor Bust features the ā€œClever Girlā€ Raptor from Jurassic Park. She is molded and cast directly from a Stan Winston Studios casting of the full 1:1 Velociraptor. The bust stands roughly 30ā€ tall and spans 28ā€ from the back of her head to the front of her jaws, making this one of the larger pieces offered by Chronicle Collectibles.


I love her. I would pet her every day and give her a name.

Anyway, if you have about $1,200 to burn and a love of Jurassic Parkā€™s velociraptors as deep as mine, you can preorder one of these busts now. They even offer installment plans!

[Chronicle Collectibles via Slashfilm]