Put on Your Skrull Masks — Our Picks for NYC Comic-Con

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You may already be wandering the halls of New York City's special edition of Comic-Con, a convention that brings you all the latest stuff on scifi movies, TV, comic books, and art. Giving you a glimpse into the dark heart of Comic-Con will be io9's intrepid East Coast crew: Meredith Woerner (whom you'll be hearing a lot more from soon), awesome intern Nivair H. Gabriel, and our behind-the-scenes commenter czar Kaila Hale-Stern. Video will come from the unsinkable Nick McGlynn. And we've already started getting weird emails and photos from star commenter Moff, who has apparently been wandering around in a Skrull mask (pictured) and breaking the Lost videogame consoles. Want to know what to do and see at NYC Comic-Con, starting in about 10 minutes? Check out our picks below.



12:00 PM — Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist (SCREENING)
Will Eisner was a pioneer in the world of comics, and often had scifi themes in his work. Learn more about the life of the guy who wrote the comic that Frank Miller's new flick The Spirit is based on.


4:00 PM — Weird Tales
Meet the editors of the rebooted Weird Tales magazine. They may resurrect the spirit of H.P. Lovecraft from a bunch of bones, too.

4:30 PM — MARVEL - Mondo Marvel
What's up with Marvel this season? Oh sure, I'll wear this Skrull mask. Thanks.

5:00 PM — Women in Comics
Wonder Woman kicks your ass. Kitty Pryde kicks your ass. Oracle kicks your ass. Discuss.


5:30 PM MARVEL - Secret Invasion
Have you seen any Skrulls? Are you all Skrulls?! Wait, is that you or me? Am I a Skrull? Argh!

This ain't no final crisis. It's DC!

7:00 PM — Spotlight on Bryan Hitch
Hitch worked on Civil War and many other high-profile comics, and currently draws Fantastic Four. Also did some concept art for the new Doctor Who.


7:30 PM — 20th Century Fox presents: X-FILES 2
Hey the movie finally has a name: I Want to Believe. I want to believe Chris Carter will actually spill some details on this panel. I want to believe there will be more than 10 seconds of footage. I do!


11:00 AM — Disney presents WAL-E
Supposedly we'll get some new clips. Please ignore the Prince Caspian crap. Seriously.


12:00 PM — DCU: Countdown to Crisis
One day, all the writers at DC will finally just start a superhero crisis counseling center and we can start getting summer crossovers with titles like "Working Through Infinite Issues," and "Communicating Openly About How the Multiverse Makes Us Feel."

12:00 PM — Spotlight on Mike Mignola
Creator (writer/artist) of Hellboy and The Amazing Screw-On Head, Mignola's dark, weird imagination knows no bounds. Ask him about Abe Sapien! Or rip out your spine and hand it to him and say it's from me and I'm sad I can't be there.


Meet the actors who play Tigh, Foster, and Anders. It's all the sleeper agents in one place!

1:00 PM — Spotlight on Orson Scott Card
What's up with the Enders Game movie? What's next for the writer who launched a thousand adolescent male fantasies of infinite power and infinite misery?


1:00 PM — Star Wars and Indiana Jones: What's Hot from Lucasfilm
Might see some new clips.

2:00 PM — Spotlight on Grant Morrison
He's writing DC's Final Crisis and is also a comics god. Apparently he's also really hot, too. That's just what I've heard.


2:00 PM — Universal Studios presents - WANTED and HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY
Check out some clips, meet Mark Millar, who created the comic book that Wanted is based on.

3:00 PM —Marvel Studios and Universal present - THE INCREDIBLE HULK
Edward Norton boycott all press appearances. Hulk sad. Look at clips, though! Hulk mad!


4:15 PM — Lionsgate Films presents - WILL EISNER'S THE SPIRIT
Check out clips from the slick, cool new flick directed by comic book legend Frank Miller.

4:30 PM — Marc Guggenheim Spotlight
Guggenheim works on Amazing Spider-Man and did a good run on Flash. He's a creator of the show Eli Stone.


5:30 PM — MARVEL - Cup O' Joe
Joe Quesada, head of Marvel Comics, tells you stories about his boyhood as an atomic gangster on Mars.

6:30 PM — Sneak Preview of Starship Troopers 3 : Marauder
Kill the bugs!

7:00 PM — Spotlight on Gail Simone
Simone writes Wonder Woman, plus she rules.


11:00AM —STAN LEE Election Daze
It's Stan.

12:00 PM — FINAL CRISIS - Grant Morrison
Grant, I am STILL having a crisis. Can you help me somehow, maybe by writing an insanely kickass comic book?


1:15 PM — New Line Cinema presents - JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH 3D
It's 3D. It's dinosaurs. It's zooming around. Seriously, go check out the clips.

3:00 PM — SPEICIAL - An Exclusive Sneak Preview
A guy takes an experimental anti-depressant and suddenly thinks he's a superhero. But wait, maybe he really IS a superhero? Quick, call Grant Morrison! I'm having a crisis!


3:00 PM — Dragon Ball Z Behind the Scenes
It's dragons . . . in space!

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@Nivair H. Gabriel: Yay! Ohh, adding Weird Tales panel to our picks now.