Turns out the best pilot for a battleship is a shark brain. Just transplant right into the brain interface bowl on the bridge, and you're in business. As long as you don't forget the dorsal fin.

For some reason, shark brains just can't get adjust to having a ship body unless they can feel that fin moving through vacuum, as if it were slicing through protons the way it once sliced through water molecules back on Earth.

Feng Zhu is a concept designer who has worked on games and movies, from Star Wars to Guild Wars and Transformers. He also does original work and does tutorials, which is what most of these images are from. I love that his ships look designed for space and sea.


See more of Zhu's work in his portfolio [Spotted on Concept Ships]

The sharkmechas can kick the asses of dinoshark and sharktopus.


Hovercraft City.

Is this creature related to Ghidorah?


Fighting giant crabs is best done by women and sharks.

Spaceport and seaport for the shark ships and whale subs.


A whale sub.