Fans of Magic: The Gathering have traveled long and far in their imaginations as they play and react to cards of various people, places, and things. Now, the company has taken one of those places and made it into a stunning, collectible poster.

Artist Kevin Tong has just completed an officially commissioned art print for Magic: The Gathering called Zendikar. It’s one of the many planes invented for the game and, in Tong’s work, it’s almost brought to real life. Here’s the full image.


Now, I’ll admit, I precious little about Zendikar, Magic and everything in between. But I know a powerful image when I see one and I’m sure fans who do know about this stuff will find plenty to love about this work. Every inch of the poster seems to feature another surprise.

This 24 x 36 inch screenprint will be available to anyone who buys it from noon CST May 25 to noon CST May 27 on Tong’s official site.

Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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