Pushing Daisies Will Keep You Hanging On A Bit Longer

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Adding insult to injury, ABC hasn't just cancelled Pushing Daisies, it's beginning to look as if they're not going to bother showing the series' few remaining episodes, either. To quote Emerson Cod: Oh, hell no.


Talking to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, show creator Bryan Fuller confirmed that, not only was tonight's scheduled episode pulled at the last minute, but there is no set date for transmission of the final episodes, tying up not only the cliffhanger of the last-shown episode (wherein Ned's missing father appeared, played by George Hamilton of all people), but also all of the show's dangling storylines. Fuller's quoted as "sighing" that the final episodes "are not scheduled to air right now, and that's all we know."

The fan in me is outraged about this, especially after Fuller reworked the end of the show's final episode in post-production to provide closure to all the plots, but the practical side of me realizes that, sadly, almost everything that's replaced Daisies in that timeslot has given ABC better ratings... and having three unseen episodes sure would help those DVD sales.

So, will ABC schedule the remaining episodes? Will Ned, Chuck and everyone else at the Pie Hole live again, even if it's only for a minute? It may take more than the touch of a magic finger to make that happen, sadly.

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Wow, I hate to sound like a Pollyanna, bu what happened to artistic integrity?

I'm not even a fan, but this is just...mean.