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I promise that I had no inside information, but this year's Paleyfest television festival is going to premiere the final, unseen, episodes of Bryan Fuller's Pushing Daisies. Yes, I want to go.


The show's final three episodes - left in limbo since the show's cancellation at the end of last year, and ABC's unexpected removal from the schedule at the start of January - will be shown in a special screening during the two-week LA festival in April, introduced by Fuller himself. Perhaps more surprising news about the episodes, however, comes from TV Guide, which reports rumors that the episodes will, in fact, be broadcast by ABC during the summer, as a way of boosting sales of the DVD season two boxset. I would have thought that you'd have sold more copies if there were hours of unseen material on there, but whoever said that ABC was making logical decisions about the show in the first place...?

Daisies' Final Episodes to Bloom this Spring - But Not on TV [TV Guide]

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