Puma Man teaches you a simple mantra to repeat, next time someone tries to control you using your own severed head

Here's the most amazing moment from Italian superhero film The Puma Man. It's already been featured on MST3K, but we had to pay tribute to it ourselves.


In this scene, the villainous Dr. Kobras (Donald Pleasance!) is trying to overpower Puma Man using his Aztec mask and his collection of heads — including a replica of Puma Man's head. It's some kind of head-voodoo. He shouts at Puma Man that he is losing his powers and his mind, and he must return to the Earth because he is made of Earth. It's super philosophical, and it messes up Puma Man's game. Puma Man almost falls to his death, but his buddy Vadinho teaches him a mantra: "Each man is a god, each man is free." This is totally something you should keep in mind next time someone is trying to use an Aztec mask and a replica of your severed head to screw with you. Unless you're a woman, in which case you're screwed. Sorry.



I kiss my frog in your honor.