The first trailer is out for Wish Upon, a supernatural horror film that actually looks pretty promising. This heroine isn’t just some girl fleeing for her life, she’s a selfish dick who gets a lot of people killed. But it’s all good, because yay wishes!

Wish Upon is about a teenage girl named Clare (The Conjuring’s Joey King), who’s given a magic box that’s able to grant her seven wishes. Of course, as Rumpelstiltskin says on Once Upon a Time, “all magic comes with a price,” which in this case means a shit-ton of teenagers start dying as a result of her wish-making.


The twist here is that Clare is the villain in her own story. She could stop making her wishes anytime, therefore saving everyone she cares about, she just doesn’t want to. She gets addicted to the rush of getting anything she wants, including making another girl literally rot to death for the crime of almost running her over with her car.

It’s a cool concept that gives the female protagonist more agency in her own horror myth, rather than just turning her into another Final Girl on the run from a psychopath. Surprise/no-surprise, I’m a sucker for stories about teen girls who receive unholy powers that inevitably corrupt the shit out of them. I still totally have The Craft on DVD.

The film also features an appearance from Shannon Purser, aka Barb from Stranger Things. You don’t see much of her in the trailer, which means she’s probably not playing that big a part. This pretty much confirms that, yep, Barb’s gonna die again in this one. Wish Upon comes out June 30. In the meantime, try and get this shitty version of “When You Wish Upon a Star” out of your head. I know I haven’t been able to. Thanks a lot, YouTube.



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