Things you will have to forget in order to enjoy War Games: The Dead Code: The fact that it's supposed to be a direct-to-DVD sequel to War Games, the decent 1980s hacker-almost-starts-WWIII epic. The fact that even Homeland Security might be aware that "online gamers" and "terrorists" are probably mutually exclusive groups. And the fact that MGM tried to sue the rightful owner of in preparation for this release. Click through for the awful details.

I'm sort of a sucker for "AI gone berzerk" stories, and "War on Terror goes too far" stories, so I ought to be the natural audience for War Games: The Dead Code. But even my undiscriminating tastes can't quite go there.

Here's the story: The government wants to fight terror, so it creates a new A.I. called Ripley. She's a sexy girl, with a sultry voice (although interestingly, an early synopsis on IMDB refers to Ripley as "he.") And when she's not hunting down Al Qaeda's funding networks, she's playing "high-stakes games in the darker reaches of the Internet" with teenage boys. But then when one hacker d00d decides to play the "Dead Code" game, she somehow turns it into reality and starts planning to nuke Philadelphia. Only the hacker d00d can stop it, because Homeland Security has absolutely no failsafe or method of controlling the AI they created.


Meanwhile, I can't find any information on MGM's lawsuit over ownership of They sued a guy who had owned the domain since 1998 and was using it for his own personal gaming site. Whois says the guy still owns the domain. But both that site, and the guy's personal site, appear to be down, which is a bad sign. [Slashfilm]