Psychic Romance May Kill Genre TV Forever

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It's not science fiction, but one of the new network shows this fall could finally eradicate all elements of the fantastic from television. CBS' new show Mythological X combines the romantic tension of How I Met Your Mother with the dramatic power of The Ghost Whisperer. Click through to find out the whole tawdry story.


An adaptation of a German dramedy, Mythological X centers around a woman looking through former boyfriends to find the man her psychic told her she would marry. Here's how SevenOne International describes the original series:

What does a single 30+ woman think when she is told that the love of her life is one of the exes that she dumped? She actually stops thinking and goes back to seek out the one ... the one she left behind.


Apparently she's a "good girl" who dreams of starting a family. The one hopeful sign: the presence of Veronica Mars writer Dianne Ruggerio. But still, industry watchers predict this may be the show that convinces America that it'd like to avoid anything speculative on its television screens from now on, thanks very much. CBS Orders Three Drama Pilots [Variety]

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Charlie Jane Anders

@zeppelined: The photo is from the German version of the show, sorry... I don't think the U.S. version has been cast yet.