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Missing your summer fix of The 4400, the USA Network's canceled show about missing people who return with weird abilities? Pocket Books has your back, releasing the first original 4400 novel: The Vesuvius Prophecy. It takes place during the early run of the show, and has a suitably convoluted disaster plot.


Here's the synopsis:

Eleven-year-old Maia can see the future, and she's never wrong. So when she has a vision of Mount Rainier starting to erupt, the National Threat Assessment Command takes her warning very seriously. But to track down the unknown returnee who may trigger the volcanic eruption, NTAC agents Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris must uncover the astounding truth behind one of the greatest unsolved crimes of the twentieth century….

And they've got competition. Ruthless enemies are working against them and somehow managing to keep one step ahead of the desperate agents. With the future closing in on them, Tom and Diana must foil a lethal conspiracy - before Seattle and the entire Pacific Northwest go the way of ancient Pompeii.


The book's available now on and in bookstores. [Slice Of Scifi]

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