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PSA: You Can Now Legally Watch Solo: A Star Wars Story's Big Cameo Online

Qi’ra, happy to see someone.
Qi’ra, happy to see someone.
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

The major character cameo at the end of Solo is one of the most intriguing things to happen to the Star Wars film universe. Now, even if you missed the movie, you can watch the clip online.

Illustration for article titled PSA: You Can Now Legally Watch iSolo: A Star Wars Story/is Big Cameo Online

The clip comes courtesy of IGN, released ahead of the film’s digital release on September 25. It’s a neat, well-put-together appearance, as Maul shows up to assert himself as Qi’ra’s new boss.


I’m highlighting this scene being online in particular because I adore the character Maul has become, and especially Sam Witwer’s voice work as the character. He lends Maul an aura of menace, power, and complexity that he was utterly lacking in his first live-action outing in The Phantom Menace. The choice to keep Witwer’s voice work alongside Ray Park’s physical appearance was inspired, here, and forms the single most seamless connection between the Star Wars universe of the cartoons and the one of the movies.

If you’ve never seen this unlikely appearance, you really should check it out. And you can check out the rest of the film on September 25.

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Why does he play with his lightsaber?  Is there some sort of contractual obligation that a lightsaber has to be turned on in ever Star Wars film?