PSA: Some Scenes in Incredibles 2 Might Be a Problem If You're Epileptic

Elastgirl, saving the day.
Elastgirl, saving the day.
Image: Disney/Pixar

When Incredibles 2 showed up at theaters this week, it appeared without one potentially very important detail: an epilepsy warning.


Over the past few days, reports have been mounting that certain scenes in the film could trigger seizures in members of the viewing population who are sensitive to strobing, flashing lights due to epilepsy and related conditions.


Since appearing a couple of days ago, these warnings have spread over the internet, such that Disney has now issued a directive to theaters to place epilepsy warnings outside of screenings, and according to Cinema Blend these warnings have begun to appear.

So far as I can tell, there have been no verified reports of an actual epileptic seizure occurring during the film, but it’s good to keep in mind nonetheless. No word on how a film with a major sequence of screen-filling flashing lights managed to not receive an epilepsy warning in the first place, though.



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If it’s not shaky cam it’s shutter speed, if it’s not shutter speed it’s strobe lights, if it’s not strobe lights it’s 3D, if it’s not 3D it’s POV found footage. Most movies have some horrible thing that gives me a headache.