Proyas' Tripod Invasion Is Closer Than We Thought

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Alex Proyas, director of aliens, robots and a poorly coiffed Nic Cage, is readying for his adaptation of John Christopher's Tripods trilogy.

In an interview with Sci Fi Wire, Alex Proyas revealed a few juicy bits about his alien overlord movie.

We've done a draft; we're basically at the first-draft stage of Tripods, and we're about to go into our second draft... Pretty happy with the script; I think it's come a long way. ... We're only doing the first book, The White Mountains, and the notion is, obviously, that it will hopefully be a trilogy. But we'll probably just be shooting the first movie independently.


Let's hope that the first book is a success, so he can make the other two (The City of Gold And Lead and The Pool of Fire) along the way, and I can make a fortune marketing my silver-hats-of-Tripod-submission fashion line.

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It is good to see someone wanting to make a movie that isn't a remake or reboot or rehash of something else.