Prosthetic Limbs that Fuse with Your Skeleton

Your next prosthetic arm will be almost as good as the one you were born with: It will fuse with your existing skeleton. Veterinarians at North Carolina State University have developed a technique for attaching prosthetic limbs directly to the underlying bone structure in the remaining limb portion. Called "osseointegrated prosthetics," these limbs knit themselves with the patient's bone, allowing more for natural movement and avoiding some of the problems of "strap-on" prosthetics. A German Shepherd named Cassidy was the first canine patient to receive an osseointegrated prosthetic, and the researchers feel advances in fabrication and materials will allow them to shift the technology to humans in the near future.Of course, we could take this in the exact opposite direction. How about a gene mod for blue skin? Maybe someone out there wants to osseointegrate an extra set of arms onto his torso. Right now, we're focused on replacing or repairing damaged parts, but how long before we start on the upgrades? This year we dealt with the question of whether an amputee athlete with prosthetic running legs had an unfair advantage over runners with just human legs. Are you feeling post-human yet? Image by: StudioCanal. Surgery Will Put Dog With Amputated Leg Back On All Fours Again. [Science Daily]


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