Proof that you don't need big effects to make a haunting scifi film

From the director of Ghosts with Shit Jobs comes a lo-fi science fiction short about a woman who enters a safe house to escape the horrors outside. But while we're left to imagine the monsters she's fleeing, we witness the turmoil she's experiencing indoors.


Just Ella was written and directed by Jim Munroe as a deliberate effort to make a lo-fi film set in the future. And the safe house, with its cooperative structure, computer narration, and collection of shared goods, does a lot to hint at the world in which the film is set. Plus, one small, well placed visual effect goes a long way to telling Ella's story and revealing what she is going through. Munroe and his collaborators also maintain the Lo-Fi Sci-Fi blog, where they feature "Movies that have more speculation than spectacular effects."

[via Boing Boing]



Saying this is "haunting" is being a bit too nice.

One specific scene/shot I liked: the juxtaposition of Ella throwing the knives while her daughter sat ahead of her and played. Really poignant shot there somewhat ruined by fading her away. Pretty obvious what was going on before that, would have had more "oomph" if he just kept it static.