Proof that genetically-engineered monsters are most likely to originate in the United States

A new report on the pharmaceutical industry has just been published by a European consortium, and it provides - among other data - proof that the U.S. is a breeding ground for synthetic mutants and weird new drugs.

I love this chart, above, which shows how many new "chemical or biological entities" were brought to market over the past two decades. There's been a market slump over the past ten years, which accounts for the shrinking numbers. But still, the US leads other nations in the creation of new entities. Proof that America is where giant monsters or biotech mutants will emerge and create a base from which to take over the world.


Another telling chart shows how much money the U.S. is pumping into pharmaceutical research and development. Look at all the cash my fellow citizens are pouring into splicing human DNA with cow DNA so that we can create proteins that generate bad movies about sexy mutants.

All data taken, with some apologies, from the EFPIA's annual report, via Pharma Manufacturing Magazine

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