Proof that Disney's Paperman short was just a ploy for a threesome

Illustration for article titled Proof that Disneys emPaperman/em short was just a ploy for a threesome

Remember that adorable Disney short Paperman? Well what if the motives behind all of those charmed bits of paper were a bit more carnal? Behold the real reason the paper airplanes wouldn't give up on this hot young couple. In other news, everything is terrible.


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Pretty sure you guys featured this already. Still, it's (*bleeping*) brilliant. I actually hate myself a little for laughing as much as I did considering that I rolled a tear when I saw the original Paperman in theaters (don't you judge me >.>) Best part for me was how Meg (if I'm not mistaken Disney confirmed that is her name) was so casual about knocking back some E, and the expression on her face after she takes it is pretty adorable.