Promo Reel For Syfy's Ascension Gets Us Entirely Too Excited

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Not a lick of footage has been filmed for Syfy's new Mad Men in Space series Ascension. But HOT DAMN if this fake promo reel doesn't get us excited. Now here's a dilemma: what do you do if your entirely fake promo reel for a new series ends up being better than the actual series?


So yes, this is all fake, but the idea is solid. The only person cast in this series is Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer, who shared some spoilery details with us about her character earlier this month. Honestly, we don't care if this is fake; just make the show as close to this reel as possible and you've got our attention. Great to see Syfy going back to space!

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sTalkinggoat attacks! with Trollhammer for 14 DMG

I'm so confused. If it's fake footage what's the point exactly?