Prometheus 2 is moving forward, so cue the albino chorus line

Illustration for article titled emPrometheus 2/em is moving forward, so cue the albino chorus line

Prometheus is moving forward! We're not surprised, since the original made money. But holy space Jesus if the sequel is as needlessly complicated and vapid as the first, we're going to shave Michael Fassbender, Engineer-style.


The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed the sequel:

Fox confirms to THR that Scott and the studio actively are pushing ahead with a follow-up (stars Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace are signed) and are talking to new writers because Prometheus co-scribe Damon Lindelof might not be available. "Ridley is incredibly excited about the movie, but we have to get it right. We can't rush it," says Fox president of production Emma Watts, who also has overseen the successful reboots of the X-Men and Planet of the Apes franchises. A Prometheus sequel would be released in 2014 or 2015.


Now all it needs is a title and a plot.

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Annalee Newitz

What do you think the plot is going to be? I vote for it being all about Noomi Rapace racing around the galaxy solving crimes with Fassbender's head in a bowling bag.