Project Of The Day: Embroider Your Own SETI Scarf

The Arecibo Message isn't some new Spanish sportswear label - it's the binary message that SETI researchers transmitted into space in 1974 to converse with extraterrestrials. Nonetheless, you can rock the Arecibo Message sartorially, with this retro-chic SETI scarf.

When you're cruising with this scarf, everyone will know that your DNA is double-helixed, you come from the third planet from the Sun, and your DNA is made of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus. You're basically broadcasting to potential mates, "Hey babe, I'm 100% terrestrial. Let's do a little something extra."


You can find the pattern at Evil Mad Scientist. Knit your own for some close encounters on nippy nights.

[via Make]


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