Here's the teaser trailer for Love In The Year 2000, a freaktastic look at an alternate Y2K that starts shooting this summer. (The trailer is concept art and test footage.) In this bleak dystopian world, people are too busy for romance — so they use "relationship representatives" to go through the messy business of courtship for them. (And it looks like those weird bracelets play some role in giving your "representative" a simulacrum of your memories and personality for the date.) Click through for concept art of a video-screen-filled cityscape, plus more details.

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Even though the movie's plot sounds slightly silly — and reminiscent of that Bruce Willis movie where everybody only interacts through cyber-avatars — I like Robert Rini's concept art a lot. The movie only has a budget of $96,000 and stars Bethany Clear and Brian Saltzman. Plus "an anonymous voice over narration that I'm sure everyone will love," says the movie's blurb. And here's a synopsis:

Set in an alternate history America of the year 2000, it tells the story of love in the most unusual and possibly grim circumstance. Lucky, the protagonist, is a "relationship representative," who saves prospective couples the time and drudgery of courtship by professionally standing in for one of the parties in a first-date situation, and evaluating the level of likely interest in the other party on behalf of her client. Of course, in the year 2000, the use of relationship representatives has become so widespread, it is a near-certainty both parties are representatives standing in for their respective clients, going through the motions, making mental notes to prepare reports the next morning. And so it is, shortly after the film begins, that Lucky finds herself in an unusual predicament (and a role for which she never rehearsed), when she is assigned to meet with Lena Nigari, a young woman doing something unheard of — going on a date herself.


For what it's worth, I would drop the anonymous narrator. [The Nine Pound Hammer]

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