Professional Buster of Ghosts Ernie Hudson Joins Arrow in a Guest Role

Do proton packs work against arrows?
Do proton packs work against arrows?
Image: Sony

He ain’t afraid of no arrows. Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson has signed onto a special guest role on an upcoming episode of the CW’s Arrow.

According to Deadline, Hudson will appear in an upcoming episode called “Spartan,” playing a four-star general of the Defense Intelligence Agency (or DIA) who teams up with Oliver Queen and his friends for a mission. So far there’s no character name given, so it’s unclear whether Hudson will be playing someone from the comics or an original creation for the series.

Hudson’s character will work specifically with John Diggle (David Ramsey), and apparently, the two of them have some bad blood between them from a past encounter. No word whether this could be impacted by Diggle’s recent decisions at ARGUS.


Hudson is of course best known for playing Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters franchise, and he will reportedly be returning for the third film. He currently stars on the Netflix series Grace and Frankie.

Arrow is in the middle of its seventh season, and has already been renewed for an eighth.

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