Producers: FlashForward Has To Last Three Seasons At Least

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Ratings for Thursday's premiere were strong, but even in a worst case scenario, producers for ABC's FlashForward say they'll need three seasons to properly tell the story they've started. Looks like we're in for a long haul.


Talking to the British SFX magazine, co-creator and producer David Goyer said,

We pitched [ABC] a fairly excessive plan... I mean, we know exactly the shot that season one ends on! They obviously said this resembles Lost, in that it's a really cool script, but [they asked], 'Do you have any idea where it goes?' We said, 'Yeah we know how the whole season ends and how the whole series ends', and they went, 'Holy shit!'


Marc Guggenheim, another producer for the series, went further:

We know what the ultimate season is and the penultimate season is. For in between, we know the various seasons but we are treating it like an accordion. In success, [the show] can go seven years. In less success, it would need to go three years to work. The end game of the show, to be properly done, really requires two full seasons focusing on the end game.

With the pilot winning its timeslot for ABC, it's possible that ABC are looking at a very extended accordion for the show. We'll see if ratings continue to hold up in future weeks.

'FlashForward' execs 'have ending planned' [Digital Spy]


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Dr Emilio Lizardo

This is not good. The simple fact is most shows do not last three years. The other simnple fact is that networks rarely greenlight a show for more than one season at a time. So maybe ABC will say season two is a go and the producers will think they are going to be around a while so they don't use the "penultimate season," or even if they do, ABC decides to run it friday night or against American Idol and the rating s tank. We, the viewer, never get to see the whole story. There are just too many ways it can go wrong.

This is why books are better. Nobody ever decides to cancel a book with fifty pages left.