Producer Says A GI Joe/Transformers Movie Is "A Possibility," But...

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But don't get too excited. Lorenzo di Bonaventura, producer of both the Transformers and GI Joe movie franchises, has announced that a crossover movie between the two franchises is something they might do in the future, but for now it's not even something being discussed.


Here's how di Bonaventura replied when Total Film asked him about the cinematic crossover:

I think later on that's a possibility but I don't think in the near future at all. It's not something we've talked about either. There's a lot more story to be told in both cases. If at some moment we all think "You know what? It's time to bring the two of them together" we'll do that, but I think they're strong enough to exist on their own.


Well, crap. Still, better late than never, I guess. I still say Michael Bay and GI Joe is a match made in heaven.

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I'm probably in the minority but I actually enjoyed the last GI Joe film. In comparison to the 1st it was Citizen Cane, in comparison to other popcorn action movies it was among it's peers.

On a sidenote I keep letting Michael Bay steal my money because he's a master at making his trailers look fantastic, then I end up falling asleep in my seat in the theater at the hour and a half mark.