Producer Mark Johnson on the Galaxy Quest Sequel: "It's not over."

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The world is full of movies that don't need a sequel, a remake, or a reboot — and then there's the Star Trek spoof Galaxy Quest, which left us wanting more. Flavorwire talked to Breaking Bad producer Mark Johnson, and asked him what's up with the Galaxy Quest sequel. Here's what he said.

I wish... It’s complicated. I can’t get into it because it only gets me angry, because I’m so proud of that movie… For a while there, and someday we may actually get there, we actually talked about doing a television show which would be sort of fun because it would be a TV show looking at a movie that’s looking at a TV show, something like that. So I wish I could answer you and I wish we did have a sequel or certainly a half hour comedy based on it. So we’ll see. It’s not over.


Not sure which would be better: a half-hour Galaxy Quest TV show, or a second movie? Either way, it's hard not to cling to hope in the form of phrases like "some day we may actually get there," and "It's not over." Fingers crossed!

Read the whole interview, including stuff about Breaking Bad and the new show Rectify, over at Flavorwire.

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