Amanda Seyfried is an unidentifiable mystery woman in Anon.
Amanda Seyfried is an unidentifiable mystery woman in Anon.
Image: Altitude Films
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Lots of people have been freaking out in the wake of the massive Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal that broke weeks ago because we live in a world where people cherish the idea of keeping some parts of their lives to themselves. Anon happens in a world where it’s the opposite and all our data is public.


Written and directed by Andrew Nicool (Gattaca), Anon stars Clive Owen as Detective Sal Frieland, investigating killings by someone who can’t be identified. There’s no crime in this alt-universe and no anonymity either. When he meets the femme fatale played by Amanda Seyfried, his life seemingly goes all to hell.

The premise is a bit reminiscent of The Private Eye, the excellent comics serial that happens after an apocalyptic data leak makes everyone paranoid. But the retro elements in the trailer—old cars, for example—make Anon look like it’s going to be an altogether different take on a Big Data thriller.


Anon hits theaters on May 10 in the UK; Netflix will be streaming the film in the US, but so far there’s no release date.

Update 04/19/18: Netflix dropped a new trailer for the US release of Anon, which will be hitting the streaming network on May 4.

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