Prisoners' Denis Villeneuve In Talks to Direct the Blade Runner Sequel

Illustration for article titled iPrisoners/i Denis Villeneuve In Talks to Direct the iBlade Runner /iSequel

Well, now we know who may replace Ridley Scott in the director's chair for the Blade Runner sequel: Denis Villeneuve, director of the Academy Award-nominated Prisoners.


We've known for a while that Scott's schedule made it nearly impossible for him to fit this in and Scott admitted a while back that he wouldn't be doing it. While that touched off a flurry of debate over who should take over, it looks like Alcon Entertainment's going with a lesser-known name.

Villeneuve's a French-Canadian with a number of well-received films — Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film Incendies, Prisoners, and Enemy — so label me cautiously optimistic about him as a choice.


If he signs, he'll be directing Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard decades after the original film took place. No clue whether or not we'll get an answer to whether or not he's a replicant, but chances are that Ford's age will determine how many decades later the film will actually take place.

Hampton Fancher (co-writer of Blade Runner) and Michael Green (Green Lantern, Heroes) wrote the script based on an idea by Fancher and Scott. Scott will be producing, though how hands-on he'll be is a matter for debate. And whether or not fans want him to be hands-on is also a matter for debate.


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