Prison Break's Miller Heads Back To Zombie Filled Jail For Resident Evil's Afterlife

Illustration for article titled Prison Breaks Miller Heads Back To Zombie Filled Jail For Resident Evils Afterlife

Milla Jovovich just got some end-of-the-world eye-candy competition. Wentworth Miller has joined the next Resident Evil film, but the Prison Break star is still stuck in jail in LA... which has been burning for three years.


In an interview with Black Film new cast member Bodjoe Kodjoe talked about his latest role in the next in the long line of Umbrella Corp films. Sadly there is no mention of the cloned Alice army, but he does reveal that the movie takes place in LA:

Boris Kodjoe: : I play the leader of the survivors in LA. Milla Jovovich's character, Alice, is roaming the world looking for survivors and she's wound up in LA, which has been burning for three years. She comes across an LA jail surrounded be these half-dead, uhh…[zombies]. Yeah, they're those monsters, what are they called? Anyway, she comes across the jail and there's a couple of survivors and she lands on top of the roof and partners up with me to fight the guys that are coming after them. We're trying to get all of the survivors out of the jail to safety. We're starting next week, actually.


He goes on to reveal that Ali Larter will also be returning and Miller's new role is someone who already was in prison when everything went down.

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Wow. They're seriously bringing someone in who doesn't even know the word "zombie?"

Is it too much to ask that the actors at least know a little bit about what the film's about?