Pris From Blade Runner Versus Jason Voorhees... In Space!

Speaking of space zombies... In Jason X, Jason gets frozen cryogenically and defrosted 450 years in the future... and then winds up having a head-exploding, face-sitting smackdown with a cute android, who's clearly trying to be Pris from Blade Runner.

Don't worry, Jason gets better... thanks to nanotechnology. In the last 20 minutes, he gets upgraded and becomes a cybernetic Uber-Jason, who looks vaguely generic and CG-heavy. But Jason X is mostly worth watching for the other characters, especially Kay-Em (played by Andromeda's Lisa Ryder), who tries on detachable nipples at one point because she wants to be more like other women. (This is before the above clip, where Kay-Em proves she has special talents of her own.)

The film also stars Andromeda herself, Lexa Doig, as Rowan, who gets cryogenically frozen with Jason.

Oh, and apparently Jason is sort of a zombie, because he died in the fourth movie. And I found this out from this great message board thread, which includes this fantastic story pitch:

I pitched New Line a new Friday 13th movie and it was AWESOME.

Basically, the remains of Jason Vorhees from the end of Jason X are drifting through space, and fall through a wormhole and end up back in the Cretaceous Era, so Jason starts killing dinosaurs and shit. BUT THEN another wormhole opens and the nanomachines pour out all over the dead dinosaurs, but because there's no metal they use bits of rock instead, so you've got like, half-rock, half-dinosaur things vs Jason, BUT THEN another wormhole opens and some pirates come through, and they get fucked up by the rockosaurs and Jason, but then an asteroid lands on them and everyone dies, BUT THEN the nanomachines reassemble everything so you've got a Pirate JasonDinosaur also with bits of asteroid stuck in him, that prolly has some alien shit or whatever, I dunno. BUT THEN another wormhole opens and out come some androids and some ninjas, and this is the moment when they told me my pitch was over and that I was being escorted from the building.

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Ghost in the Machine

How could you not mention that Kay-em is played by Lisa Ryder who played Beka Valentine on Andromeda? The movie also stars Andromeda herself Lexa Doig.