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Star Wars Rebels returned Wednesday for the back half of its second season and it did so with a major player joining the show. Welcome Princess Leia Organa. Even in animated form, her highness is still a commanding presence.


At this point in the Star Wars story, Leia appears to normal people as a servant of the Empire. She’s just a Princess and Senator from Alderaan with the expected galactic allegiances. But in reality, she’s a leader of the Rebellion, working back channels to help the cause however she can because it’s still getting its footing.

In this episode, “A Princess on Lothal,” Leia goes to the planet Lothal with a cover story to provide aid. The real reason for her trip is to provide Kanan, Ezra and the Rebels with a few ships, and she has to do it without the Imperial Officers realizing her true colors. She succeeds with the help of her trademark wits.

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