Primeval To Live Again

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After a surprise cancellation following the show's third season (leaving an unresolved cliffhanger), British time-traveling series Primeval is set to return for not one but two more seasons, thanks to international funding.


The show's return was announced thanks to a co-funding arrangement that will see ITV share production costs with UK cable channel UKTV, as well as BBC America and German network Pro7, in a deal for a seven episode fourth season, and six episode fifth. Tim Haines, creative director of Primeval's studio Impossible Pictures, is understandably excited at the news:

I am thrilled that ITV has agreed to this new deal, which will allow us to produce another 13 episodes of Primeval... The confidence demonstrated in the programme's continued success here and abroad will help us bring more big screen action and a whole host of new creatures roaring back into people's living rooms.


Season four is expected to air on ITV in 2011.

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So, i've never watched this show, but it's about time travelling on the BBC, any relation to the Good Doctor?