Primeval explores the greatest mystery of all — traffic jams!

The British dinosaurs-and-monsters show Primeval is back for a miraculous fifth season, and we've got an exclusive clip! James Lester is trapped in a kind of limbo, as he contemplates the way in which road workings create a temporal void in which nothing can move forward.


We've seen the season premiere, which airs Saturday at 9 PM on BBC America, and it's pretty fun stuff. There are a few funny/insane moments, like when the burrowing creatures you glimpse in the above clip attack someone's backyard barbecue and a guy tries to offer one of them a hot dog. The episode sticks pretty close to the tried-and-true Primeval theme — there's a creature (or in this case, creatures) from another time, terrorizing modern-day London. And our team has to hunt down and neutralize the threat. Along the way, a member of the team is placed in deadly danger.

A lot of the real fun of the episode comes from the subplots — including one in which Philip (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Alexander Siddig!) unveils his crazy-pants new project for turning the temporal anomalies into awesome profit. And meanwhile, Lester is totally ignoring the burrowing-creatures crisis because he's got something much, much more important to deal with — an interview about a possible knighthood.


It's all fun stuff, as long as you don't go into it expecting a lot of character development or ambitious storytelling — the seeds are planted for some stuff to be explored later in the short season, but this is a meat-and-potatoes "temporal incursion of the week" sort of deal. If Fringe leaves you wanting more universe-cracking insanity, you should definitely check out Primeval on Saturday.

Here are a couple more Primeval videos that BBC America posted on Youtube. First, there's James Lester's greatest witticisms from the new season:

And the season's scariest moments:

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So when is io9 going to do an article about the upcoming Primeval spin-off, Primeval: New World?