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We've been waiting anxiously for the next project from Shane Carruth, writer/director of the mind-bending time-travel story Primer. And now a website has gone up for his second film, A Topiary, bearing a cryptic message. What does it mean?


According to Wikipedia, one of the stars of Primer tweeted that A Topiary was in the early stages of pre-production. And Rian Johnson, director of Brick and the forthcoming time-travel movie Looper, tweeted last year that Carruth has "a mind-blowing scifi script. Let's all pray to the movie gods that he gets it made soon."

According to the Whois registrar info, Carruth registered a year ago, but the site seems to have gone live more recently than that, since one of our readers has been googling "a topiary" on a regular basis for a while. So fingers crossed this new site actually means the project is moving forward. [Thanks Andrew!]


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