Primer's Shane Carruth coming back at last?

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We've been waiting anxiously for the next project from Shane Carruth, writer/director of the mind-bending time-travel story Primer. And now a website has gone up for his second film, A Topiary, bearing a cryptic message. What does it mean?


According to Wikipedia, one of the stars of Primer tweeted that A Topiary was in the early stages of pre-production. And Rian Johnson, director of Brick and the forthcoming time-travel movie Looper, tweeted last year that Carruth has "a mind-blowing scifi script. Let's all pray to the movie gods that he gets it made soon."

According to the Whois registrar info, Carruth registered a year ago, but the site seems to have gone live more recently than that, since one of our readers has been googling "a topiary" on a regular basis for a while. So fingers crossed this new site actually means the project is moving forward. [Thanks Andrew!]

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Primer? Do you mean that movie so muddied and sloppy that it was unable to explain even such a simple fact as how did that bloody time machine worked? And let's not talk about that flowchart in the Wikipedia with twelve parallel timelines. The only thing you can take in clear after watching the movie is "Mathematicians don't know how to make movies!"