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Pride, Prejudice, Zombies and Portman

Illustration for article titled Pride, Prejudice, Zombies and Portman

The movie version of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has found its Elizabeth Bennett, and it's a familiar face to anyone who's seen V For Vendetta or the Star Wars prequels. But can Natalie Portman pull off "zombie-killing romantic heroine"?


According to Variety, Portman will not only star in, but also produce the movie version of the cult hit alongside producing partner Annette Savitch and Donnie Darko's Richard Kelly. Savitch explained why Portman was drawn to the project:

Natalie and I are longtime passionate fans of Jane Austen's books and this a fresh, fun and thought-provoking way to approach her work... The idea of zombies running rampant in 19th Century England may sound odd, but it lends a modern sense of urgency to a well known love story.


Well, it's hard to get much more urgent than running for your life from an undead brain-eating horde, it's true...

Natalie Portman to slay zombies [Variety]

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Anyone besides me find it kind of neat that Portman is going to take on the role of Elizabeth Bennett which was also recently done by Keira Knightly who had the role of fake-Amidala in The Phantom Menace?