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Writing the ultimate supernatural SF comic The Invisibles may have almost killed Grant Morrison, but that didn't dissuade him from attempting to adapt it into a television show for the BBC. While the show itself never made it to air for multiple reasons, that doesn't mean that you can't read the completed scripts and dream of what could've been Doctor Who's uncomfortably awkward cousin.


The comic series, which ran from 1994 through the year 2000 and "influenced" (which is to say, was completely ripped off by) The Matrix , personified and explained the eternal struggle between good and evil as a war between agents of the anarchist Invisible College and the Outer Church that spanned centuries and included time travel, psychic warfare and lots of things blowing up. Unsurprisingly, certain things would have to have been changed for the smaller-scale BBC Scotland adaptation but, according to Morrison, those things weren't what you'd expect:

[In the television version, protagonist] Dane has been changed to from a Liverpudlian to Glaswegian to assist the BBC SCOTLAND budget.

Otherwise, the completed scripts (two out of a planned six) stay remarkably close to the source material, adapting the first issue of the comic series and introducing newcomers to the ongoing war happening under everyone's noses without their knowledge. With rumors of a big-budget movie continually circulating, here's hoping that the project will make it into production at some point soon.

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Jack B. Quick

Oh man, I hope the continuing success of British sci-fi will lead to this being picked up again...